Prompt Loyalty solutions

Prompt Loyalty solutions


Backend serving 90M+ customers

S4N helped a $20B+ Food & Beverage Company increase revenue via a highly reliable cloud-commerce backend.

About this $20B+ Food & Beverage Company

This $20B+ American multinational retailer has stores in 80+ countries and is known for its high-quality food and drink products as well as delivering an engaging customer experience. Understanding that customers’ behaviors are leaning heavily towards mobile, the retailer has prioritized improving its interactions in the name of digitalization, speed and convenience.






Product Engineering / Data Architecture / Backend Development


AWS / Kubernetes / Datastax Cassandra / Confluent Kafka / Concourse / Scala / Apigee / Github


Transactions a month

The program S4N developed serves an average of 150 million transactions a month, including more than 70 million rewards program members


Q1FY21 revenue

40 percent of the $7.1 billion Q1FY21 revenue came directly from mobile orders


customer-impacting downtime

With almost 20 million active members, the customer has experienced zero downtime since the platform launch


The challenge

This client had a very common issue for global retailers – a tangle of processes and systems that had been built piecemeal over the past ten years to support an evolving brick and mortar business. In an effort to modernize these systems, the client had contracted with a large consulting firm which ended up adding more complexity and slowing down progress even more. The existing systems were so complex that few employees were proficient in using them. This resulted in massive delays in digital product launches. When leadership wanted to begin bringing new products to market every month instead of the 5-6 yearly launches that had been the standard, it was impossible to achieve with their legacy system. Their existing technological infrastructure could simply not handle putting that volume of new product through the 16 different services on a single outdated platform. This delay severely hindered the efficiency and volume of new products brought to market. IT had inadvertently become the impediment to achieving the client’s goals.


bold ideas and show progress quickly


new products on the digital scape



How we did it

Because of the client’s negative past experience with a consulting firm, the leadership decided to look for a software development services firm specializing in the design and development of complex software products. They reached out to S4N, and we proposed bold ideas and showed progress quickly thanks to our team’s collaboration and coordination with the internal engineering staff combined with our high-touch, comprehensive accompaniment throughout the full Software Delivery Lifecycle (SDLC) of the products we build and operate for them. S4N helped design and execute a platform that operates the largest and most robust mobile ecosystem of any retailer in the world. This represented the first cloud-native & multi-tenant project of its kind for the client. S4N assisted in developing strategies and tools for best results and provided the teams to make it happen. When evolving legacy systems, S4N believes that you don’t necessarily need the most cutting-edge technology available. You need a partner with experience in both legacy and modern retail systems to determine the most reliable approach to adapt your existing technology for predictable, flexible, and lasting results. Business result: S4N built the backend services now supporting 10,000 company-owned stores plus 300 licensed stores across North America. 40% of the $7.1B in Q1 revenue came from the platform that S4N also helped build. In addition, their completely redeveloped loyalty program launched with eight million active members and has already grown to 19 million ; S4N’s backend services now support all of these transactions in addition to six million international members who will be added in the upcoming months. The client experienced zero availability impact on launch day and zero customer-impacting downtime since the platform launch.


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