Digital Experience

Digital Experience


White-Glove Digital Experience

S4N helped a Luxury Retailer’s internal technology team launch cloud-based digital products along their value chain.

About this luxury retailer

This luxury department store chain with $15B+ in annual revenue and more than 130 stores in the United States has a legendary reputation for focus on customer relationships. They take great pride in providing helpful Stylists — sales personnel who remember you and your preferences. Stylists can help shoppers pick out a business wardrobe, buy a special suit, or shop for a dress all while tracking each customer’s size and designer preferences for future reference.




United States


Product Engineering / Frontend Development


Java / React Native / C# / .Net / Kafka / gitlab-ci / k8s / AWS / New Relic


of revenue

The relevant participation in the digital selling revenue for the company accounts for 51% of revenue 2020



S4N has been supporting 12 different projects with an average duration of one year each


stock on-hand items

The client’s inventory system handles 152 million stock on-hand items with a 20ms P99 SLA


The challenge

When S4N began working with the retailer in 2017, they had aspirations to bring this level of white-glove service to the digital experience. However, they had invested heavily with a large consulting firm and didn’t feel they were making meaningful progress. The challenge was to translate the client’s high-touch relationship selling approach and excellent service into the digital shopping world. The client had legacy systems built a decade ago to accommodate the brick and mortar operations. All of this code needed to be reconciled to accommodate the growing digital business while staying in production. They also needed to maintain one source of truth for inventory and provide easy-to-use tools for nontechnical sales personnel. When the client approached S4N, they had already spent millions and felt they hadn’t seen significant progress. Because of this experience, two senior technologists from the client sat down with S4N’s lead engineers for an afternoon and brainstormed solutions. The client felt comfortable with S4N’s team-oriented approach and technical expertise -- as well as the insight provided into the best tools and strategies to use for short and long-term success. Once the project started, S4N shipped components quickly and with reliable quality. S4N found the right balance of creativity and efficiency when problem-solving, all while maintaining compliance with the processes and standards of a large corporation.


Keep an excellent service into the digital shopping world


components quickly and with reliable quality



How we did it

S4N designed and built the front end for digital selling and integrated it with the retailer’s existing backend systems. This effort included Personal shopping and Stylist support and CRM. These apps were focused on extending excellent customer experiences. Previously a Stylist had to refer to the POS system at the register to see customer preferences such as size, color, and designers. The Stylist would then have to either remember the details or write them down quickly when a customer arrived in the physical location. Now, all of the information is available on a mobile device. For online selling, a Stylist can create outfits and publish them to the customer-facing app while building a relationship through chat. The interface for this process is intuitive and user-friendly, so everything looks simple and streamlined to both the Stylist and the customer. Hence, this luxury retailer is ready to deliver a white-glove service that is aligned to each customer’s unique needs. Because of the foundation S4N helped design and build, our luxury retail client was prepared with integration resources and digital best practices to actually increase sales during the shutdown because of the impact of COVID-19. The foundation was sound because we continuously analysed data and performance to ensure the systems supported buyer behavior. The relevant participation in the digital selling revenue for the company accounts for 51% of revenue 2020. S4N remains involved in 10+ projects across the organization.


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